Does Halloween Make Money

Does Halloween Make Money

You may be thinking what a funny title “Does Halloween Make Money”, and before you get into a debate about the rights and wrongs on the ethics on Halloween, you need to understand one thing, Halloween does make money and a lot of money at that. Halloween is mega spend for people all over the world, and if we look at figures around $5.8 Billion dollars was spent by Americans alone. Yes you did read that right $5.8 Billion, so does Halloween make money?

Other stats that came out 2 out 5 Americans will buy a new costume, and then there are the sweets, lights decorations, food, costumes for pets. People go mad at this time of year and as long as you have the marketing correct and the stock online at the right time you can make money from Halloween.

(We also need to remember this multi-billion dollar turn over is small compared with the Thanksgiving and the up and coming Holiday season after that.) And all the figures are on track to be bigger and better this year.

So How Do You Make Money From Halloween

@ To start with you need to be prepared, you need a plan or Road Map To Success. Start today if you want to be part of this crazy money making day and remember it really is just one day or a few days if it is at the weekend.

@ Talk with suppliers and either buy in stock or arrange a drop-shipping plan. But a word of warning with drop-shipping around that time period, suppliers will run out of items and this could leave you with buyers and no stock, so you will need to have back up plans if you can.

@ Also try and not and buy too much stock as again most fancy dress items sell all year only some sell at that time of year. And as long as it is not food it will last till the next year.

@ Make sure you have all the postage and packing items that you will need. At this time of year speed is what’s needed, people want an outfit or gift delivered within days for the party they are having or attending.

@ Do your research, make sure you price the items right, offer free shipping and by doing this you will find Halloween does make money.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield


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