Do You Have A Creative Mind?

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When we are young we all have creative minds…yes a few have more creative minds than others, but as children we were able to play for hours on end pretending to be a pilot, doctor, nurse, ballet dancer, in fact the list was endless. But as we grew older life, parents and teachers started to chip away at our creative mind and by the time we left school those creative thoughts had all but gone.

Fast forward some years and your sitting in a group and you are asked the question “Do you have a creative mind?” now unless you worked in the arts or design industry most would laugh and say no way, I do not have a creative bone inside of me. Well I am hear to tell you right now, each one of us has massive creative skills you just need to find them out and dust of the cobwebs and let the juices flow.

Now I am not suggesting you create a master piece or paint a work of art, but turn your mind to your business, to help you along I have put some suggestions to ignite your creative mind and get you thinking.

  • You pick up the phone to call your supplier of your best selling item only to be told by the person at the other end of the phone that the supplier is no longer trading………………do you just sit there and cry and shut up shop. No you get creative and make some calls do some research and within a matter of hours you have an order placed with a new supplier. You used your creative mind to think out of the box.
  • You go to the bank to take some money out to buy a loved one a present only to find there was not as much money in there as you thought there was. You either say oh well will not buy anything or you turn your creative mind on and think up a few creative ways to raise some money.
  • Use tight deadlines to come up with creative thoughts and ideas. All too often we think of and idea and then leave it till later (or never) to come up the idea. Instead, say right how many ideas can I come up with in the next 10 minutes to bring in new customers, think up of new products, source new product lines. By setting a time limit you will find those creative ideas will come zooming into your mind.
  • Have a brainstorming session………………go to your favourite coffee shop, or park bench and then for an hour write down ideas for your eBay business. But there are a few rules you need to take hold of.
    Money is not an issue
    Time is not an issue
    Resources are not an issue
    If you do this then after an hour you will have pages full of ideas that your creative mind has given you.

Now the above are only an example of some ways you can get your creative mind working and help you grow your eBay business to the next level. Use your creative skills you have been given and each time you use them they will be strengthened and they will grow.

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