eBay Trading Assistant, eBay Education Specialist or eBay Consultant, eBay

The saying is true clients are everywhere, but until you start to network and promote yourself people will never know that you are an eBay Trading Assistant, eBay Education Specialist or eBay Consultant. They will just pass you in the street and think why are they not at work (lol). As I was starting to plan out this article in my head I thought back on the past few weeks, and how I was able to interact with people and within the small space of time was able to introduce them to what I did.

For example a few days before Christmas I was at the Farmers Market in Lichfield and was buying some meat from one of the stores, and in just passing I asked how trade was for them, she explained that the market has been quiet due to all the rain the past few months, but she is learning how to sell online as she can see this as a growing area, from this it led into what I did. We exchanged business cards, and I am going back to see her in February to move things long further.

Again another market another day, chatting to one of the traders, they were selling cushions etc, this time I asked them had they thought about selling on eBay, yes was the reply, but we do not know how to do this, a nice lead into what I did. Business Cards exchanged……..again time will tell.

I was in a local shop and I handed the girl my PayPal Card to pay the bill. “Cool is this real or do you work for PayPal?” was her question. I explained neither I was an eBay Consultant. This led me to give her a card as she said she and her mate needed help selling some CD’s etc. Two hours later she phoned and asked if she could bring them around for me to sell. The commission from these items will pay for the bill a few times over.

Now I am not saying become an eBay bore, but if you live eBay 24/7 you will find that the power of attraction will bring people around you and very easy from that point you will be able to talk about eBay, PayPal. Sometimes nothing will come of it and other times a client will appear.

So always remember to have a stack of business cards on you, and also it is a good idea to have some flyers made up that you can leave with people to explain your business more. Yes I have business cards and I am working on a simple flyer that will explain the different areas of my eBay business.