Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips

A Car Boot Sale In The UK

Well today is Friday and Product Sourcing Day. This week we are going away from giving you a Product source firm or product and are going to talk about an area where you can source products at great prices and can make massive profits.

The area I am talking about is called in the UK Car Boot sales and in the USA are often called Garage Sales. Now I know there is a difference.  Here in the UK a load of cars come together and sell the goods from a car boot, while in the USA you have Garage Sales where people sell from the garage, but quite often several people in the area choose to have a sale on the same day so you do get a large choice.

So How does this help you to source products, well you can go buy cheap and sell high, you can barter for items as well.

Now whether you live in the Uk or the USA and you go to Car Boots or Garage Sales there are a few tips that apply to both.

@ Arrive Early – be there just before or as the sale starts here you will get the best bargins and the first choice, if you leave it too late the best items will have gone.

@ Take cash with you as few people will take a check (cheque) and even fewer will take cards.

@ Set yourself a budget and stick to it (that is unless you see something you  know will sell) but do try and stick to it.

@ Do barter with people but at the same time remember they are in it to make a living or make some money.

Toy Cars are always popular at these types of sales

@ Look for things like toy cars as in the picture above these are often sold in boxes and they work out cheap.

@ Another tip is if you can manage it, go back 30 minutes before closing time and take another look, you may spot a gem of an item, now if you are good at barter or buying you may get the item real cheap or even for nothing. This can happen if the people do not want to take it back with them.

Hope this tips and ideas have helped you with your Product Sourcing.

Happy Selling

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

USA Product Source 005

USA Product Source 005

Hello and welcome to the USA Product Source section. Each week I will try and find a matching company from what I have found in the UK.



Comany Name : Beauty 21 Cosmetics inc

Address : 8676 Rochester Avenue,
                     Rancho Cucamonga,


email :

Phone : ( 909 ) 945 2220

Wewll thats it for the USA Product Source this week, hope you find it useful.

Happy Selling

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

USA Product Source 004

USA Product Source 004

For my friends over in the USA I have found a cool USA Product Source that matches the Product Source that I found in the UK. The company that I found is called  Wynit.


From doing my research I found out that the company has been around and supplying the trade for over 20 years so is very well established.

My choosen USA Product Source sell a vast range of computer items including  consumer electronics, digital photography, print and presentation, video editing, outdoor, security and photo ID market categories. So this USA Product Source will keep you happy for many days.

For further details on my choosen USA product source you can :

Phone : (800) 999- 9648 ext 3370

Fax : (315) 703 – 6905


email :

Well I hope you find this USA Product Source a help for you and remember keep a look out every Friday for the latest in USA Product Sources and UK Product Sources.

Happy Selling

Another resource bought to you by
Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires

A Change of Name

For sometime now I have been thinking about the name of my blog………. My Auction Empires. When I started out blogging my main focus was Auctions…… I did not think about the future, this was a big mistake.

Today I have renamed this blog My Online Empires as this name covers all the areas of earning money from and on the internet.

So a word of advice to my readers out there, when you buy a name or are thinking about the name for your business, please think long term and not just short term.

Have a great day.

Andrew Milburn and My Online Empires

USA Product Source 003


Well have been online again for all my cool USA friends and have found another Product Source for you.

And it almost matches my Product Source for the UK covering Computer Accessories.The company is Called DSI International Inc
5255 W Phelps
Suite 4

001 602 548 7003 Extension 203

And the contact name is Carl.

Here is a picture of some of the items they sell.

Happy eBaying
Andrew Milburn

USA Product Source 002

I have once again managed to source a similar product supplier over in the USA for you.

The company is called Banian Trading.

775 Anita Street
Suite D
Chula Vista

(800) 366-2660

Hope this helps

Andrew Milburn

USA Product Source 001

Well having looked around and done a bit of research I have found a cosmetics company over in the USA.

Name : Lady Emily Natural Cosmetics

Address : 200 Fredrick Lane, Morgantown, West Virginia 26508, USA

(304) 292-2284

Hope this helps my USA friends

Andrew Milburn / AndyUk