Why You Should Always Have A Backup Supplier For Your Top Selling Lines

As you get more into selling more online in places like eBay and Amazon you will find that you are buying more and more product, but quite often when you look back on your records you will find that around 90% of your general stock will come from the sources. But before we go any further I just want to outline the main places where you can source and buy stock.

1) The first place most people go to is a wholesaler or cash and carry. Here you can buy stock in smaller amounts and still make a profit. The profits will not always be as high as the method, but this way is safe and you are not paying out a lot of money.

2) Another area where you can go and buy stock is from liquidators. Liquidators are people who buy up bankrupt stock and offer it at a cheaper rate.

3) The third main area is from importers. This area will often mean investing large amounts of money to pay for stock, but you will get it at a cheaper rate.

4) The fourth and last area is direct from the manufacturer. Again this could mean a large investment in stock and storage.

Now all the above work very well and each level will suit each ones needs. Some people may just stick with one level while others will start off small and then move up till they are buying direct from the importers or from the manufacture. But I want to through something else into the pot.

You have found a good selling line and are buying weekly from your supplier, then one day your supplier lets you down. This can be for many reasons – their supplier let them down, a fire, they just let you down or the supplier has stop trading. Whichever one it is, is sad for the supplier but more important you have been let down big time. You have orders you cannot fill and an empty shop.

So a good way round this can be to use a few suppliers for the same item, or know where the suppliers are so that if you are let down, you can make a few phone calls and within hours or days you will be back in business. Also by using several suppliers to source your product if you get a sudden rush of orders and your normal supplier does not have enough stock, you can again use supplier number two.

Remember you are in business, and keeping tabs on suppliers and knowing where to get stock at very short notice is up to you. And it is always good to have a backup supplier for you will get their mailings and catalogues, and one day you might see a new item that your main supplier does not carry.

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John Ayrey Die Cast Models

Today while doing some research I came across this UK supplier. This is one of the leading UK Suppliers in their niche and they carry a vast range of stock for your business. They carry supplies from all the well known makes in the model niche, and as they have been going for around sixty years there is nothing this UK Supplier does not know about their niche.

Name : John Ayrey Die Cast Ltd

Address : Unit 12, Victory Close, Woolsbridge Ind. Park, Dorset, BH21 6SQ

Phone : 01274 594119

Fax : 01274 531505

eMail : sales@ayrey.co.uk

URL : http://www.ayrey.co.uk

Hope you find this UK Supplier useful for your business. As with all the supplier we list, they are a Trade only business and you do need to approach them in a business like manner. If you require any help please contact us and we will help you all we can.

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5 Sure Fire Ways For Product Sourcing

Now that you have decided that you want to sell on eBay either as a full time or part-time business venture, there will come a time when you have sold all the unwanted items from around your home and the homes of of your family and friends. If this is you and you have sold everything around you, do not give up now. You have seen the system works and that you can make some good money, by selling on eBay.

Please do not let people tell you product sourcing is hard. Well yes it can be hard, but only if you let it be so. To start with if you follow some guidelines and look out for products on a daily basis, you will get a good headstart, and product sourcing will become part of your life, and soon you will see products all over the place, and product sourcing will become part of your life.

A good thing to have with you at all times, is a note book and pen, (or PDA etc), and when you see a product you would like to sell or source, make a note of :
@ Where you saw the product.
@ The Cost of the Product.
@ The maker or importer of the product
@ And any other notes that will help you.

While you are making up your Product Sourcing Book, you can be on the lookout for products in all different places.

1) eBay believe it or not is a very good place to buy and source your products from. You can either buy of eBay.co.uk for resale on the same site, or you can buy off another eBay country site to resell on another eBay site. This is real simple and you can make some good profit this way.

2) Another area where you can go product sourcing, and this will not cost you anything until an item is sold is drop-shippers. Drop shippers keep your stock and once you sell an item, you contact the drop shipper and they send the item to your customer. But please if you go this route check out the drop-shippers and make sure you feel OK using them, and that they are a real company.

3) The third area for product sourcing is craft fairs. When you visit these fairs either at home or when you are on holiday, as you walk around keep your eyes and ears open and think to yourself could I sell this on eBay and if the answer is a yes, chat with the owners and see what happens.

4) The fourth area is Trade Shows, look on sites such as Google, and type on the type of product you want to sell and use Trade Show as a tag and see what comes up. If there is a trade show in your area for the type of product you are thinking of selling, go along and see what is happening, and see all the different types of product on sale to the trade.

5) The last area for quick product sourcing is if you have a friend who owns a “real” shop and they stock items you would like to sell, you can chat with them and see if you can sell for them and be thier online sales arm – for a commission of course. Or they may sell to you at wholesale cost.

The above are just five quick examples of how you can get products in your hands to sell within 24 hours. As you fill out your product sourcing book, you will have many ideas for products, product ranges and different selling examples.

Have fun and enjoy the exciting world of product sourcing.

Sources of Cheap Wholesale Products

Managing a retail business successfully simply means that you need to have the right products to sell at the right time and at the right price. This does not mean that you need to acquire and sell products which are branded and highly-priced, because this would require you to spend a lot of money, and carry lots of stock. The best way for you to sell products without having to shell out a huge amount of money is through cheap wholesale products and buying non-branded items that are available in many stores.

To help you get started on the road to sourcing non branded cheaper items and where to find out what products there are, I have listed some fun and cheap ways in finding items to sell.

Business magazines often include a list of some reputable wholesale suppliers both locally and internationally. You can buy your products from these companies and sell them at your own price. Most of the suppliers which magazines take into account are those which offer their products at very low prices. But as well as business magazines why not have a look in the consumer magazines, here you will see what people want and need and are buying right now.

Trade Shows:
Another great source for affordable wholesale products has something to do with the trade shows. Attending various trade shows can give you the opportunity to meet various wholesale suppliers from different companies which can provide you the products that you need at very good prices. You can find out about these Trade Shows in business magazines and also contacting Trade Groups.

The Internet is the most convenient source because of the fact that it can give you lots of information when it comes to looking for wholesale product suppliers. You can actually use the major search engines, online auction sites, or some of the available wholesale trade directories in looking for outstanding wholesale products to sell. But you do need to be careful as there are a few scam firms out there, but on the whole they are all good, just do some research and you will be amazed at what you can source both branded and unbranded.

The above few areas are just a start and once you have got into the mode of product sourcing you will find ideas, and companies popping up all over the place. And you will become a product sourcing expert.

Product Sourcing 101

Product Sourcing should be always at the front of any eBayers or online sellers radar. You should be thinking product sourcing 24/7. When you go out in the morning you should be thinking product sourcing, as you go about your day you should be thinking it, and when you are out with family and freinds for fun be thinking product sourcing.

You need to keep a note book with you all the time so that you can jot down what you saw, where you saw it, and prices etc, and if possible who the wholesaler or company who made is.

But there is another area of product sourcing that not many people think about or take action on. Let us say that you are at work, the the paper cutter always seems to jam, can you think of away to improve it ? If so can you get some one to make it ? If so you could be into something. Of course that was just a silly example, but always be thinking how can I improve that product, and if you are the one who can you could be in the money.

A good example of a company who does this is Apple. They have the Nano – 100 million of these cool iPods (just the Nano) have been sold. But recently they have updated it with video etc, and not only a video camera, but one that will upload to Youtube at the touch of the button. Apple just improved their cool product. They have 100 Million customers who know how good the nano is, a ready market, but also they have the market who love mobile video and youtube. And lastly they have the new people market.
So you see money can be made from improving a great product.

USA Product Source – New Age Incense

New Age Incense

Wow can you believe this………………………. I have done some hot research for my friends in the USA and I have come up with a great USA Product Source rather like the UK one.


As I live in the Uk finding USA Product Sources can be hard as I am not living there and have to relay on people sending me the information or spending time doing research online.

So here are the details please go and check out this hot niche :

Website :

I hope you find this USA Product Source useful

USA Product Source – Surplus Giant

USA Product Source

Surplus Giant Inc

Well I have looked around and found another cool USA Product Source for my friends over in the USA.
This weeks USA Product Source is called Surplus Giant inc.


Surplus Giant are an international distributor of branded closeout products. They offer many different types of  surplus, and wholesale deals on computers, laptops, iPod, luggage & travel, camera equipment, and electronics accessories. The brands they  carry include leading names such as Targus, Kensington, Logitech, Microsoft, Belkin, Lowepro, Samsonite, Wenger (Swiss Army) and others.


To find out more about this hot USA Product Source, please either go to their website at :

561 999 9995

Thanks for taking a look at this weeks USA Product Source

USA Product Source – JD CloseOuts

Well as promised to my friends in the USA I have done another USA Product Source for you……. (Please if you live else where in the world and you know some hot product sources drop me a line and I will include them).

Anyway this weeks hot USA Product Source is……………………………………………….

JD Closeouts

JD Closeouts

JD Closeouts our USA product source of the week, as the name suggests work in the closeout and liquidation business. Some of the items they work with are : Baby items, computers, shoes, clothing, drug store and may more areas.

For further details of this weeks USA Product Source pop along to :


Phone : 1- 800 – 380 – 5861

Hope this helps my friends over in the USA. Happy USA Product Sourcing.

USA Product Source 006 – Delight Trading

USA Product Source – Delight Trading

Time flies when you have fun and this week we are on USA Product Source number 6.  As I live in the Uk I have been having problems finding good sources of product sources in the USA, but at long last I have found a few places, that I have been in contact with and also find a few who I have spoken with and feel I can trust.

But please at the end of the day although I have listed them, please take time, speak with them and do your own research.

This weeks USA Product Source is called Delight Trading and you can find them at :

Delight Tradinghttp://www.delight88.com

Our USA Product source Delight Trading sell a wide range of Handmade fountains, Lucky Bamboo, and Trapical Bamboo Furniture

Delight Trading 002

Delight Trading has been around for over 10 years, and they ship to every State in the USA and a lot of over seas countries.
Delight Trading have a range of 300 products, which range from small table top items to large out door center pieces.

To find out more about this hot USA Product Source you can either go to their website at :


email them at :


or phone them at :

1 – 626 – 289 – 3311  or 1-800-996-6818

Happy selling and I hope this USA Product Source has helped you.

Andrew Milburn

PS – If you have some USA Product sources you wish to share please leave me a comment below, thanks.

Uk and USA Product Source Tips

UK Product Source – 020

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and working on line is fun to me, and fun that brings in money. Today is Friday and Friday here at My Auction Empires , is Uk Product Source Day. (And USA and Rest of World)

Product Sourcing is an ongoing thing, if you are serious about your eBay business or e-commerce selling then you should be Product sourcing 24 / 7.

When you are out :

Out with family and friends
Out for a meal
On Holiday

You need to keep your eyes and ears open for the next hot product. Your Childrens or friends children are good spring boards ask and listen what the new programs, groups, music they are into.

Also keep a note of when major sporting events are happening in your country or around the world, as you may be able to buy in products at a low price and sell high when the event is on.

You need to keep a note book with you all the time, and make notes.

Somethings you need to note are :

Name of Product
Where You saw it.
Price range
If Possible suppliers name
Age Range
Gender Range
Any Bar Code etc

By doing this you will be able to do your Product Sourcing a lot faster.

Read magazines and cut out adverts that stand out.

Also look at Press Releases and contact compnaies to see if you can sell thier products for them.

Make Product Sourcing a game, but make it something that you do everyday. Also drill down in a niche:


Pets are a Niche
Dogs are a sub-Niche
Gun Dogs are a sub niche of the sub-niche (but still a large niche)
Spaniels are again another Sub-Niche

With product sourcing you do not want to be in the major niches where everyone is, read, research and do keyword research and find a smaller sub-niche and make your home there. Build a list of customers and when ready move on.

(If you do not know what keyword research is you need to learn fast as keywords form the basis of all businesses. Over at OSI Rock Stars Janelle Elms teaches an excellant class or multiple of classes. And these few classes are worth your yearly fee – honest)

So go on, this weekend, go out and buy a note book and start your 1st Product Sourcing Book, (yes 1st as over the weeks and months you will fill up loads).

Happy product sourcing

Andrew Milburn and My Auction Empires