Product Sourcing Tips

Product Sourcing Tips


Our First visit is to to see if people are searching for the Niche Tattoo

And we see a massive 63 Million Searches we done for the Niche Word Tattoo. Now to be honest this is far to big for us to work in so we need to sub Niche.

To do this I go to WordTracker. You can either sign up on a monthly package or you can use their free tool at again type in your niche word. 


 From the above we can see some smaller Niches that we could work in. Tattoo Art and Tattoo Design.

With these two sub-Niches you can sell designs on CD Rom, or in a book format. You could get the pictures from the public domain or design your own.

Hope the above is OK and use your own niche in place of Tattoo. I used the Niche Tattoo because I knew nothing about it so could look at it from a new person.

Andrew Milburn


Product Sourcing Tips


Product Sourcing Tips

Here in my multi-Part blog on Product Sourcing Tips, is an idea I learned from Ed. If you have not heard about Ed, I shall be telling you more about him later……He is another janelle he gives and gives and then gives some more. Well enough of the Ed fan club.

As I have mentioned and other people on the RockStars forum Product Sourcing is a must for any business. Product Sourcing after keywords will either make or break your business. If Product Sourcing is done right then you will have money in the bank.

So for todays tip. If you live in the UK or Europe pop along to your local large newsagents and if you live where they do not have a newsagent, pop along to where they sell magazines, but it must be a major seller.

Now take a look at all the magazines, all of them: Men’s, Woman’s, Children’s, Teenagers, Hobby Ones, etc, etc.

Next take a look at magazines where there is more than one on a topic. Now I know nothing about Tattoos but here in the UK I looked this morning and there were 8 magazines on Tattoo. Now that tells us people must buy these magazines (these magazines were not cheap they were priced at over £5.00 each)

Next you either need to spend some cash or go to a library but I do recomend you spend some cash and buy all the magazines on the subject, so if I was looking at Tattoo I would buy all the magazines.

Once you get home start going through them and marking the pages (this is why you need to buy) on the items you could sell. See where the trade shows are, if possible go to them.

Now as well as reading about Tattoo and the amazing culture you will begin to see trends coming out. Words they use in the magazines, Phrases they use, How they use photo’s.

Make notes of all these things, for if you decide to enter this niche you will be able to use the words , phrases and types of photos they are used to seeing.

For instance we might say ” Tattoo art for girls on their lower backs” Good keywords yes, but for a Tattoo fan means nothing.

They would need ” Tramp Stamp For The Girl With Attitude”  ******* A Tramp Stamp is a Tattoo on The Lower Back of a Girl.

This morning I knew nothing about the Tattoo Industry, Culture, but 10 hours later I can tell you from what I have read, prices I have seen and researched it is a market that has money to spend.

Tomorrow I will show you, how to check out what you have read in magazines with cold facts, that will tell us is this a market to go for.

Andrew Milburn

No Cost Product Sources

OSI Rock Stars

Product Sourcing

For anyone who runs a business either online or offline and you sell a real product, product sourcing must be in your blood. If as yet you have not had a Product Sourcing implant than ask me or any of the other Rock Stars and we will help you get one.

Product Sourcing needs to be at the forefront of your mind 24/7. I shall start to cover the basics of how you do this in the blog posts next week.

But here is the Product Sourcing Tip for today.

Look around your own home and what ever you have not used for 12 months add it to your eBay stock.
Once you have added your own items go around family, and if they will not just give you the items, say if it sells you will give them a percentage of the sales price, most times they will agree to this.
And when you have gone through your family, try your friends.

Now I can hear you think yes ok this is a good idea, but think of all the hard work in writing listings , taking pictures, postage and package. Yes it will be hard work, but there is nothing wrong with hard and it will get you used to writing good listings, taking pictures. And this will get you ready when you start to pay for you stock.

Have a Great Day.

Andrew Milburn

Another Good Source

OSI RockStars

Have you wanted to buy and source stock at rock bottom costs that could bring you in a nice little income ? I guess the answer to that questions is why yes of course.

Well have you tried your local Library? A few times a year in the UK most library have sales where they sell of the older books, dvd’s talking books, videos and Cd’s. Most of these items are in good condition – if they are not do not buy.

They are priced real cheap, so take a long some strong bags and some cash and have a few hours of fun.

You get to hear about these sales from adverts in the local papers, adverts in the library and on loacal notice boards.

Again set yourself a budget and stick to it.

Have fun sourcing

Andrew Milburn

Another Place To Source

OSI RockStars

Continuing on my sourcing theme, I have found another great place – Discount shops, such as Costco, Asda (Wal-Mart) , Aldi, Matalan – A hint here please keep a lookout for my new low cost report coming soon.

As with charity shops you need to set yourself a budget for the day, and not go over it unless you find a real bargain, but do be careful and if you keep to your budget if it all goes wrong you will not loose much.

Also take your laptop with you so you can do some coffee shop research, or have your internet phone with you, or as your last line of research a friend or family member sitting by the phone and a computer who can do the research for you.

Most of these places sell bankrupt or end of line items and over stock – I shall be going over these in other posts and also in my report. Most of the shops carry new items and if they are customer returns they must tell you both when the item is on the shelf and when you go to pay for the item.

Hope this gives you another idea on where to source items to resell.

Andrew Milburn



Keywords are one of the important areas you need to learn if you are going to make a go of your eBay business. Also to be honest if you are going to have any business at all either online or offline you need to know what Keywords your customers are using to search for you or people who sell products like you.

Once you have got the hang of keywords and how they can help you increase your business then you will see a marked increase in the visits to your sites, your eBay shop.

Most people turn a pale shade when you mention Keyword research but again it is simple. The tools you need either free or very low cost. Yes it will take time to do, but the time is well spent and you will be paid back many times as you will be targeting the market you want and not going out there and just putting up words your customers would never use.
With Keyword research you need to think like a customer and not as a seller.

Now I could go on and on about keyword Research and what tools to buy and why you should. How to make your lists easy to manage.

But someone else has done this for us, they have aimed it at eBayers and other online retailers. They have put it in easy to understand terms and through the power of online video they show us how.

This person is Janelle Elms . Janelle takes you by the hand and shows you in simple steps how to do Keyword Research.

These two classes come as part of the OSI Rock Stars package. This montly membership site contains over 120 hours of audio and video content and this grows by the week with new classes and courses be added all the time.

As well as the classes you have a very active forum, and the forum grows on a regular basis with new topics  be added as and when. The great thing about the forum is that it has members from all other the world and this means if you have a question that needs answering, you can post it and often within a few hours and in some case a few minutes you can start to see people replying to your question.

The great thing about OSI RockStars is the fact that Janelle and her team of people are all doing eBay or the other online sites. They teach you from what they have learned. OSI is not some site put together by people who do not know what online selling is. It was dreamed up by Janelle who is an active eBayer seller and also takes part in eBay live and other eBay events to train people. And all her other trainers are working their eBay businesses day in and day out.

So go on pop over to OSI RockStars by Clicking here and see how they can help you take your eBay business to the next level.

What is OSI RockStars?

osi RockStars

How often have you wanted to learn something about eBay or selling online in general and most of the time have come up against a brick wall. Well I know I have then one day I came accross a site called OSI RockStars. OSI RockStars is a site run by people who are active in the area of selling and buying on eBay on a daily basis.

Janelle Elms has been around eBay for a long time know and regularly takes part in eBay live as a trainer and other eBay events. Janelle then came up with the idea and concept of running a membership site aimed at training site aimed at taking people to that next level in their eBay business either as a seller, Trading Assistant, Education Specialist or consultant.

At present Janelle has over 120 hours of webinars and podcasts teaching you on things such as how to source products, how to work a trade show, how to get key words and the list goes on and on.

Plus Janelle Elms and her team are adding new coment every single week.

As well as these classes there is also a forum where once you are a member you can go and ask and answer questions and as there are people from all areas of the world you can post a question and within minutes you could get an answer back how cool is that.

Membership is a low monthly fee and is worth it’s weight in Gold, pop along today and take a look and see how OSI RockStars can help you in your eBay business.




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