4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Jewellery

4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Jewellery



If you want to start an online jewellery business, then a site such as eBay is the best place that you can start. On eBay you can learn the ropes and also learn what sells and what does not sell. Plus you have the ready made traffic that eBay can bring to the site and this in turn can bring people to the items you are selling.

  • Tip One – You need to find a source to buy your items from, this is the same step that anyone needs to take when looking to sell items online, but when you are dealing in Jewellery there is another factor that you need to think about and that is do you sell new jewellery or do we sell second-hand / antique items. If you are going to buy new then you need to look for jewellery wholesalers – these can be found in places such as the Yellow Pages, doing a search on Google or by going to a site such as WorldWide Brands. WorldWide Brands was set up many years ago to help people source products to sell on and off line. These people check out all the suppliers and they have to meet guidelines before they are listed in the directory. Worldwide Brands is a paid for service, but it is well worth the money for what you get.. Jewellery - My Auction Empires
    If you are going to be selling second-hand and antique jewellery then you will need to visit car boot sales, garage sales, antique fairs and shows, and also run adverts in newspapers.
  • Tip Two – When you are buying jewellery you also need to be on the look out that you are not buying fake items. If you are dealing in the low end costume jewellery side of the business then this is not really a problem. The problems arise when you go into the middle to high end part of the business. You need to know the difference between real and “Fake” items. And even some of the top jewellery buyers are caught out from time to time, so as a new person you need to be careful. You need to make sure you are buying from a real business – go and visit them take a look around, ask questions and do your research.
    And if you get a phone call offering you some pieces of jewellery at silly prices and they ask you to meet them in some bar – decline the offer as chances are they could be stolen.
  • Tip Three – Get to know the terms that jewellery wholesalers and the customers you sell to use. Know the differences between gold plated and gold, if you do not know these simples terms it could cost you your business.
  • Tip Four – Start small and then build your business up, step by step, get to know what your customers (clients if you are selling high end items) want and like. And if you are wondering do people buy £10,000 diamond items online, the answer is yes, and people have spent far more than that.

Have fun, spend time visiting wholesalers and trade shows. Also you will need to keep an eye on the fashion trends and be sensible do not rush in and buy the first items you see do the research.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in the UK

An Expert In Your Pocket

An Expert In Your Pocket


Have you ever been at that sale and just wished you had an expert there right beside you or just sitting in your pocket ready and willing to whisper those tricks of the trade or what to look out for when you are about to buy something ? Well the time for that is almost here, Janelle Elms has brought together a whole team of people and together they have pooled their resources and produced what is known as “Home Run Guides”  And the first one of the series is about to be launched any week now. 

Now before we get into what this guide is, I want to say what it is not. It is not some fancy app, that you need to scan to see what the product, nor is it some fancy program that sits on your phone or computer. No this is an e-book (With a special edition for your phone), and this e-book has been written by people who walk the talk. These are experts in their niche, who over time have proved themselves that they know what they are talking about. They buy and sell on a daily basis in the niches they are talking about, and also Janelle Elms has made sure these people are the real deal.

In the first e-book you will get around 90 people talking about what to look for when you are out and about on product sourcing trips in your local community. And each guide is around 2 pages long so you will have an e-book that you can read on your computer, phone or print out that will be in the region of around 200 pages give or take a few either way. And remember that this is the first of many books in the series.

Within each guide you will be shown examples what to look for and along with this you will be told and also shown by pictures the things you need to be aware of when out on a buying trip.

To give you an example of what you could be learning about if you invest in a copy of the Home Run Guide 


  • Kitchen Knives
  • Books
  • Starbucks  Mugs
  • Tennis Items
  • Flat Ware
  • Power Tools
  • Shoes
  • And many, many more items
If you are serious about your eBay / Amazon business and want to take it to the next level then treat your self to the Home Run Guide and you will never be alone again on a buying trip as you will have an expert in your pocket or in fact dozens of experts in your pocket.
Andrew Milburn Is An eBay / Amazon Consultant Helping You Take Your Business To The Next Level


Product Sourcing Hints

Product Sourcing Hints

A question that I am asked on a regular basis is, Please give me some Product Sourcing Hints And Tips. Now that question or statement can be as quick or as long as you like, and it can be as simple and as complex as you like too. But something to remember about product sourcing it is not something that you do once in a while when you need something to sell. It is a lifestyle……………….it will become something that you do on a daily basis, maybe not buying items. But as you go around doing things in your life you will start to see products and ideas that you can look into to buy to resell.

When you are out and about sourcing products, try and think unbranded item, especially if dealing with new items – if you only sell collectibles then this is very different, and will be covered in other articles.

So let’s say you are out shopping and see the latest iPod, then you hear from family and friends this is the latest hot item………….Yes if you go through the huge Apple process of being approved and the finding the money for stock, then months later your stock arrives and you may then sell them at a set price in a set way.

But keep that iPod in your mind. You go online and go to a site such as Alibaba and look for an unbranded MP3 player that does the same things as the branded one does, and thinking about sourcing it from China etc. No interviews to go through, no large amounts, you can buy as few as 1 to test the market. You can sell at any price you like…………which means your profit will be higher. Simple and fun.

Always be on the lookout for those opportunities……………………You are out and about shopping and see a cool gadget that you think will sell. Look on the box and quite often you will see imported by or distributed by XYZ Company. Make a note and when you get home give them a ring or drop them an email. Worst case they will say no.

Other times you may need to put on that detective hat when out and about…………for example for ages I was looking for a supplier of books that I knew sold well but was drawing a blank on where to source them.  Then one day many months later I was in a bookshop minding my own business, buy a book for a present. There was just one girl working and she was having to stock shelves and serve. Anyway because of that there were some boxes lying around the place with items in.

And it was there in that shop that my months of trying to find the source came to an end…………In big letters on the box was the name of the supplier that I had needed. Not only the name but website too. Once home I went online and 10 minutes later, I had an account open at the largest media supplier in the world.

Would I have found the company…………….in the end maybe, but like I mentioned at the start of the article product sourcing is a lifestyle and you need to be doing it on a daily basis, and once you get to grips with it, products will be jumping out at you left right and centre. Hope you enjoyed this product sourcing hints.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant based in Lichfield Staffordshire



Does Halloween Make Money

Does Halloween Make Money

You may be thinking what a funny title “Does Halloween Make Money”, and before you get into a debate about the rights and wrongs on the ethics on Halloween, you need to understand one thing, Halloween does make money and a lot of money at that. Halloween is mega spend for people all over the world, and if we look at figures around $5.8 Billion dollars was spent by Americans alone. Yes you did read that right $5.8 Billion, so does Halloween make money?

Other stats that came out 2 out 5 Americans will buy a new costume, and then there are the sweets, lights decorations, food, costumes for pets. People go mad at this time of year and as long as you have the marketing correct and the stock online at the right time you can make money from Halloween.

(We also need to remember this multi-billion dollar turn over is small compared with the Thanksgiving and the up and coming Holiday season after that.) And all the figures are on track to be bigger and better this year.

So How Do You Make Money From Halloween

@ To start with you need to be prepared, you need a plan or Road Map To Success. Start today if you want to be part of this crazy money making day and remember it really is just one day or a few days if it is at the weekend.

@ Talk with suppliers and either buy in stock or arrange a drop-shipping plan. But a word of warning with drop-shipping around that time period, suppliers will run out of items and this could leave you with buyers and no stock, so you will need to have back up plans if you can.

@ Also try and not and buy too much stock as again most fancy dress items sell all year only some sell at that time of year. And as long as it is not food it will last till the next year.

@ Make sure you have all the postage and packing items that you will need. At this time of year speed is what’s needed, people want an outfit or gift delivered within days for the party they are having or attending.

@ Do your research, make sure you price the items right, offer free shipping and by doing this you will find Halloween does make money.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield


Finding Niche Products For Your eBay Business

Finding Niche Products

Finding niche products should always be at the front of your mind. Everyday you need to be thinking what product line can I add to my shop, or how can I build a deeper inventory of stock. Finding Niche products when you first start doing product sourcing can be hard, but once you have done it for a few times will you find it get’s easier and easier.

How To Find Niche Products

This is one area that people sadly very often get stuck on. They think it is a science or a closely guarded secret, now while some of the guru’s out there get you to think this way, it is in fact a very easy thing to do. You just need to have your product sourcing head on. There are many different ways of find products to stock your eBay shop and many courses and books have been written about it, but for this article let’s keep it very simple.

@ Carry with you a finding niche product sourcing note book. This can be paper and pen, or nowadays with the modern phones you can use one of the many apps that there are out there. A popular is called evernote.

@ When you are out and about and see a product that you like the look of make a note of the where you saw it, the name, manufactors name and the price. This will help you when you start to look for wholesalers.

@ Look in consumer magazines, and make notes of old products and also of new products that are about to come out. A good tip try and get hold of some overseas magazines and see what products they are talking about. Maybe you can get hold of a product from overseas and be the sole supplier for a time. Yes anyone can do it, you just need to be ahead of the game. Magazines are a great source for finding niche products.

@ Talk with family and friends, ask them what they like doing, wearing, playing and eating.

@ Listen to the TV and radio with a new set of ears. You need your finding niche product ears on. You will hear reporters talking about products and new product launches all the time. Make notes and do some research

@ Lastly in this article visit both Trade and consumer shows. These are a must have tool in finding niche products for your eBay business, and at the end of the day you will come away with many hundreds of ideas, enough to keep your eBay business going many years.

Good luck in your new venture in finding niche products.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay consultant based in Lichfield in the UK.


Flip And Sell

As we continue with the subject of finding items to buy low and re-sell at a higher price, I want to talk about a process that was hot some years ago – courses were written, eBooks were done, and the authors made money and the people who bought them and who took action also made money. The process I am talking about is Flip and Sell.

The process is about finding an item has has been poorly listed, buying it cheap and then re-writing the listing and selling at a higher price. It sounds easy and in fact it is easy, but there are a few steps that you need to take to make the whole process work.

  1. You need two eBay accounts – one to but from and one to list on.  Yes you van just use one, but you need to be careful as you are buying low and selling high, and you do not really want your new buyers to know what you bought the item for.
  2. You must be willing to spend some time doing the research, you can get software to do it with but at times it means adding mis-spelled names into eBay and seeing what comes up. Also another trick is to go on at mid-afternoon and seeing what is finishing then. Often you can pick up bargains as there is no one on at that time to buy the items.
  3. You buy the item, pay for it and let it arrive
  4. Once it arrives go to your selling account, log in and then list your item, using pictures, proper listing and have it finish at the time when most buyers for the item will be online.
  5. Sit back and watch the profits roll in.
  6. Rinse and repeat

Like I said simple, but you will need the time to do the research and at times willing to just take that risk, but as long as you have done your research you should won most of the time.


Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

UK Product Source – Just Add A Kid

UK Product Source – Just Add A Kid


Today’s UK Product Source is in the expanding world of Chuildren’s Fashion.  This market is growing at a fast pace and the time is right to become part of this niche.

Our chosen UK Product Source today is :

Just Add A Kid
T: 001 858 952 7626
F: 001 858 952 7630
E: info@justaddakid.com
W: www.justaddakid.com

These UK Product Sources will be updated on a regular basis and over time they will add up to a great resource for people looking for products to sell on their websites.

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How To BrainStorm Product Ideas

How To Brainstorm Product Ideas


As an eBay consultant, I am often asked “How To Brainstorm ideas“. I often find when I ask a few questions, this person is really saying, Help I am stuck on ideas on what to sell., I am not an expert in anything should I give up the idea of selling online ? Well no you should never give up on a dream to have your own business, but unless you take some action it will always be a dream and never take shape as a business. Also you need to know that you do not need to be an expert to sell on line, all you need is some know how about the product, and learn as you go along.

But finding the right niche if you are stuck on ideas does not, mean you have a problem, you just need to do a bit of brain storming, and below we shall cover some easy steps, to show you “How To Brainstorm products ideas” and honest you will go from not having a product or niche to sell into, and you will end up with having hundreds of ideas – Honest.

  • Step One : Grab a new pad of paper. If you can get hold of those yellow legal pads, then those are the best. It has been proven that yellow pads and writing on yellow helps your brain to think better. Do not ask me why, but the experts say it just helps.
  • Step Two : Grab your brainstorming pen. Yes you will need a favourite pen that you use everytime you go brain storming.
  • Step Three : Go and find a quiet spot in your home, or go out to a Starbucks, buy a coffee. You need to be away from your normal place so no one can ask you questions. You need to be away from the phone, and you need to be away from the computer.

A question I am often asked is, “Can we use the computer, to make our lists ? ” – The answer is NO. You need to use a pen and paper, again it is a fact that pen and paper works to get your mind thinking.

  • Step Four : Set yourself a time limit of 30 minutes, and start to write. Just make a long list of topics that interest you, that might interest you, that you see around you. Do not worry how big or how the small the niche is, just get it down on paper. When the 30 minutes is up, stop writing.

And you have just done the first stage, easy ??

Now the next stage is where you take each item you wrote, and here you can pick one to start, let’s say you chose Dogs. Now dogs is a big (massive) niche. So what we now do is take another sheet of paper and at the top write the word Dogs – (Or whatever subject you pick first).

  • Step Five – Under your heading (Dogs) you would write :
  • Dog Training
  • Dog Clothes
  • Dog Bed
  • Dog Leads
  • Dog Toys
  • Dog Food
  • Dog Books
  • Dog Videos

And the list would go on and on. Again you can make money in this sub – niche. But Let’s take it a step further : And lets say we chose the niche of Dog toys :

  • Toys For Puppies
  • Toys For Old Dogs
  • Toys For Adult Dogs
  • Toys for Gundogs
  • Toys For Retrievers
  • Toys For Golden Retrievers
  • Toys for puppy Golden Retrievers

From the above you can see how I broke it down into further smaller niches, and you just go on and on. But do not spend too long on this, once you have picked a main niche and then a sub-niche, look for all the mini niches and then find product that you can sell and make money on. Over the coming weeks I will be bringing you further tips and ideas, on How To Brainstorm Product Ideas.

Andrew Milburn, is an eBay Consultant, based in Lichfield Staffordshire

Holidays And Product Sourcings

Holidays and Product Sourcing

Here in the UK the summer holidays are in full swing. Families and singles are off on their annual holiday. Now this is where the fun can start, why not combine your summer holiday with a bit of product sourcing ? Now I would guess before you even sold online, and way before any business ideas had come into your head, you were doing a spot of Holiday Product Sourcing.

The historic market place (Markt) was once con...
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How many of you when away, spent ages looking for that gift to bring home for a loved one, or spent hours in the market place looking for a new rug for your home, if we are honest I would guess the answer would be most of us. So you see although you did not know it you were doing some product sourcing.

So while you are away this year and in the years to come spend some time looking in the local market places and craft shops. Chat to the people and you never know you might become their sole seller online. A lot of these craft makers love making the items, but sadly they do not have the time to do the selling online, so you could be helping them out.

And of course if you build up a list of contacts, you may need to take some more holidays just to meet with them and see what new items they have for you to sell.

Happy Holiday Product Sourcing

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Lavender Bugs

Lavender Bugs

I would like to introduce you to a brand new product we have just sourced called Lavender Bugs. Lavender bugs are a product from the well respected name of Showpony. The owner of Showpony is Emma Henderson and where possible she loves to use organic and fair tradeLavender Bug from Showpony products.

All of  the Showpony products are concept designed based and are substainable, fun and exciting. These vintage fibric bags have a differnt bug printed on each side. All the bags are stuffed full with lavender and have a ribbon loop for hanging with your clothes.

Each bag is roughly 12cm x 12cm and are made with vintage fabric off cuts. These bags would make a wonderful gift for people and in my mind would be good sellers for anyone in the gift market.

The RRP is £14.00 and for this you have two bags packed in a recycled box making this gift very eco-friendly.

The company who make lavender bugs, also have a full range of other products for you to check out.

If you would like to see Showpony’s full range of products then pop along to http://www.showpony.co.uk and on the site there is full details on how to contact them for their wholesale deals.