Fun Facts About eBay

Fun Facts About eBay

While doing some research online about eBay and e-commerce I found some great things and facts about many of the companies. So today for a change I thought I would share some of the Fun facts about eBay.

@ Did you know that eBay was once called “AuctionWeb” and the name change from AuctionWeb to eBay took place back in 1997.

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@ The first item to be sold on eBay was a broken laser pen that was owned by Omidyar, and when the auction had finished to everyone’s suprise the pen sold for $14.95 – and as they say the rest is history.

@ There are seven main building at eBay HQ, and all of these are named have some of the main areas on eBay – Collectables, Motors, and toys to name a few of the seven buildings. And then in each building the conference rooms are named after for example in the Motors building the rooms are named after cars etc. and so on. And in the Community building the conference rooms take on names such as About Me, Buy It Now, Powerseller etc.

@ Jack Sheng was the first person to reach a feed back of One million.

@ The use of the mobile phone is always growing on eBay and since the introduction of the Mobile Phone App – One item every two seconds is bought using the phone app.And more recently someone bought a plane worth $265,000 using the phone app.

@ The most expensive item so far to be sold on eBay was a Jet that sold for $4.9 Million Back in 2001

I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about eBay, if you know of more fun facts please share them below.


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Shopping Basket Is Here

Shopping Basket Is Here

Well buyers and sellers have been asking for this for years. Buyers and sellers have been saying look at this site and look at this site, but eBay did not listen. Well I would not say listen, they were watching and waiting. They were testing and looking. Like any good business they were waiting for the right time to launch a Shopping Basket.

the shopping basket is here

Well folks the time has come and has a shopping basket. At present people can opt in and out of the Shopping Basket, but from what I have seen and heard today, the people who have used it are very happy. It allows buys to buy from multiple sites and then pay for everything in one go. Now as sellers as long as your prices and delivery charges all you should see is an improved increase in your sales.

Now I am going to be honest with you here, there could be slight hicups with the system, but we are talking eBay here and the company will be on tho these before we know about them and most times will not know there was a problem. As with anything this will have been beta tested by all times of buyers and sellers, from the small time seller through to major sellers.

I for one will be using the Shopping Basket and after a few months will come and report my findings.

Happy Selling

Free Listings All Weekend So Get Listing

Well news hot off the Press. eBay has announced free listing on the 3rd and 4th of July. As usual there are a few rules, but the rules are all good.

@ You must be a consumer seller and not have a shop.

@ The items must be sold at auction with any starting price

@ The items must be a for a chaity and between 10% 100% going to the chosen charity. And a Minimum of £1.00 must go the chosen charity.

@ This is open for all sellers.

So have fun this weekend, starting listing and give something back to your chosen charity.

For Further Details Please Check Out This Link – Thank You

PayPal iPhone App

If you sell online and sell on sites such as eBay then the Paypal iPhone App is for you. While you are out and about you can check to make sure people have paid you, and follow up on the ones who have not paid you.

But as always eBay and PayPal are one step ahead of the curve for your PayPal App offers so much more. For instance you are out with a mate and they owe you some money, and you both have an iPhone with the PayPal on – well just bump the phones together enter the amount and the amount is transferred. Or there is a group you can split the bill and and each pays what they owe.

In fact the list goes on and on, the PayPal app gets better by the day. For more information you need to check out there you can see what a difference this iPhone App will make to your business.

Keep Up To Date With Changes At eBay

As you may know there were some quite big changes eBay introduced to us in April that would start to take effect in June. Please follow this link to see what they are and how they can effect your business. Keep Up To Date With The latest Changes At eBay none of us like changes, but we all need to change to grow, and as eBay grows they have to bring these changes into play, so please do not moan or complain. So to make sure you  Keep Up To Date With The latest Changes At eBay follow the links, and see what is happening.

Happy Selling

Reach Out To Your American Friends

Over the past few months if you have been selling at Buy It Now prices have you thought about adding the be visable to people in the USA, and other international market places but have been unable to do this due to the extra fews. Well the time is right to Be seen over seas as have reduced the Be seen over seas function by 50%.

You will need to have the listing up and running between Saturday 15th May and Saturday 29th May 2010. Also it has to be a standard Buy It Now Listing.

For further details and the small print pop on over to the Be seen over seas page and start listing.

Happy Selling

It May Not All Be Over

Over the last few days there have been rumours and the odd front page press story, telling us Royal Mail, could still be looking to take strike action on the run up to Christmas. Now because the CWU, did not cancel everything, the only need to give Royal Mail 7 days notice to carry out any strikes.

As we all know Christmas is the peak time for Royal Mail, and they know this, and to be honest can use this to their advantage, but will they. That is anyone guess. If they do strike people will lose total support for them as gifts and cars being sent will not be received, there will be thousands of sad children on Christmas day as presents are cards will not be there, all because Royal Mail let them down. And for some families the presents they ordered from Amazon and ,in good faith were let down by Royal Mail and sadly they cannot just go out and buy another present.

As for sellers a lot will ditch royal mail for other companies who will deliver on time, who offer real tracking of items, who care about the clients who send and receive. And just my thoughts ……………………. if Royal Mail do strike,and companies move elsewhere, those who strike will be without any job, for the Royal Mail as we know it will be gone.

Please Royal Mail do not strike, think ahead and look to a bright future and work with all sides and everyone will have a happy Christmas.

Tweek Your eBay Sales Today

As we approach the big holiday selling season on eBay most of us need to take a step back and see what needs to be done to our eBay shops/stores. You may need to add a few catagories (or take some off) update a page or two. But there is also some great help at hand in a membership site called OSI Rock Stars. At OSI Rock Stars there are well over 450 hours of webinars and podcasts that take you by the hand and show and tell you how to take your eBay business to the next level.

Royal Mail Strike Action

News is starting to hit the streets that Royal Mail  will be going on strike on the 22nd and 23rd October. This is a Thursday and Friday, so will effect mail deliver on those days and will also effect deliveries at the start of the week as they have to cope with backlogs.

As yet this is not an all out strike, and one will pray and hope it will not come to this.

Please keep your customers upto date and when you email them just let them know their orders could be delayed.

There is good news, if your item is over 500g you can use other firms to send out your items. There is one Courier Broker who is fantastic, they have great rates, a very fast service, and yes I have used them loads of times.

Will keep you upto date on this Royal Mail strike action.