List, List, List And Then List

Yes it is that time of year when we need to list, list, list and then list. It is not the time for working on new sales letters and themes, it is not time to join new groups and start new projects. We are entering the busy selling selling period.

The other day I was just chatting with someone from my local town. This person has a presence on eBay and Amazon as well as their own website, and she was saying I just need more money. Now I know she knows the answer so I just said to her well list more. And her reply shocked me.

Yeah I know Andy……….but I have just started this new website,and doing this promotion for a nightclub, and starting up a radio show or two to promote clubs. You know when you feel like shaking someone. I said to her why now. I know she has endless supply of products to sell, and she is well connected and can get as much stock as she wants.

But she had lost her focus, yes she needed the money but her focus was on these new projects which were more a fun items. Yes she would earn bits of money from promotions and ticket sales, what with the party season about to start.

I tried to talk to her, and said spend several hours a day and list like mad. And the money would follow. but as yet she has not listed.

I know we all fall into the same trap from time to time, but if we have an

or Amazon business and we need some extra cash we just need to list more items and from this we will get more sales. It sounds very simple and if truth be known it is that simple, ask any of the eBay and Amazon sellers out there.

Set yourself a goal of how many items you want in your shop by the end of November and then divide the number by how many days you have until the end of November and that number will tell you how many items you will have to list.

Have fun and list, list, list and then list, and very soon you will see the money and sales coming into your account.

Buy Hot Items Today


While out shopping today, I saw a product that could have been a good money earner if I was in the market for a new niche, but if you have been following me recently you will know I have a large amount of stock that I am selling over at Linford Direct Auctions.

I passed a shop that was selling liquidated stock, they were part of a chain and were one of the last shops to stay open and were selling off all the stock from the other shops and warehouse. So yes there would have been a load of no good items, with some hot items added in there.

Well there in the front of the store was a very large pallet of Helix Maths Sets, with a retail price of £4.99 and they were selling them for only 49p each. Yes these were all in their tins and boxes and on a closer look they seem in new condition, because they still brand new.

And if you hop on over to

they are selling for a price of £4.99, some with free shipping and some with postage costs on top.

Now before you go and source these items, you need to remember these items are basically for school kids, and schools and Universities are back in session and have been for some time. So while there is a demand for this product, the peak has really passed until the next start of term.

Now if I had seen this deal in the summer, I would have spend some money. For an example I could have spend £10.00 and bought 20 items, and flipped them on eBay for £4.99 each and after fees and postage would make around £2.99, times that by the 20 items and I would have made £60.00 profit. Not a bad return, well in my book it is not. Yes I know I did not buy today, but I might when I am back in town, just for a bit of fun and report my findings here.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and take advantage when you can.

How To Approach Suppliers

How To Approach Suppliers

product suppliers

A very common question I get asked is “How To Approach Suppliers”.  In simple terms you need to be professional in the way you approach them and ask sensible questions. I hope to cover the main ways to approach suppliers, but there are times when you just need to think on your feet……….and this will normally happen if you approach a supplier at a Trade Show or they cold call you.

How To Approach Suppliers By Email


We live in a modern world and nearly all your suppliers will use the internet and email to correspond with you, and even the third world countries will use email and in most cases expect you to use it. It is fast and both parties can get answers in a timely fashion.

When you approach a supplier use openings such as Dear Sir or if you know their name Dear……… the only exception is if you know these people having spoken to them on the phone or met them at a show and then it is ok to use opening such as Dear Jim or Dear Sarah, and at time a simple Hi and their name, but if it is the first time you have sent an email try and use the Dear………. opening.

Another big must do, use your business email address domains are so cheap now, and you can then use a webmail, outlook or link them up with gmail. For instance I use gmail but my email address in  In future articles I will show you how easy it is to turn a google account into a free business account.

Please do not use Hotmail or Yahoo as your business email suppliers will not like this. You can use as businesses see this Ok.

How To Approach Suppliers By Letter


If you decide to approach suppliers by letter, you need to have some form of a letterhead. Again we live in the modern world and you can set up a quick one in Word or Google Docs. Use you business name, address and phone number…………and it is Ok to use mobile numbers.

How To Approach Suppliers By Phone


There is nothing wrong about approaching a supplier by phone and a lot of suppliers expect this and have whole offices dedicated to opening accounts and managing accounts over the telephone but there are a few rules if you work from home you do need to remember.

  • Do not have the radio or TV on in the background
  • Do not have noisy Children or Adults in the background – this is not professional, and sometimes you are distracted and may not hear some figures right.
  • Pick a quiet spot, and tell family and friends this is your phone time and not to interrupt you……………..unless of course there is an emergency.


Also when you approach suppliers have your questions written out as this will help you to remember things such as :

  • Minimum Orders
  • Opening an account or is it Cash with order
  • How long is delivery time
  • Is VAT included in the prices
  • Do they have a catalogue or Trade site?

The task of approaching suppliers is a fun time, you get to speak to great people and you will build up lasting friendships and if you treat your suppliers well, they will phone you first when a new and hot item comes out. And you never know one day, they offer you a special deal and give the sole selling rights to you. But first you need to take that first step and approach a supplier.

Free Listing Weekend In UK On eBay

Free Listing Weekend In UK On eBay

Yes it is another free listing day here in the UK for personal sellers selling items on Auctions with a starting price of £1.00 +. The usual terms and conditions are the same.

First 100 items per personal account

Private sellers only

No Automatic Listing software

Items must have a starting price of over £1.00

For further information please go and take a look at by clicking here.


Free Listing Weekend – 20th and 21st August

Well we are half way into another free listing weekend here on . The usual rules and regulations apply. Private sellers only, no listing software and start the auctions off at any price.

These free listing weekends are a great way to try out eBay if you have never sold on the platform and to also release some of the items you have wanted to sell, but never got round to it.

These listing weekends are a regular feature on eBay and allow the private seller to sell higher priced item and not worry about having to list them at the standard 0.99p. (But as we all know, there is a lot of fun starting a valuable item off at 0.99p and over the week seeing the price get higher and higher)

So if you are reading this blog post and are a private seller and have some items to list what are you waiting for?……………………..Get listing and make some cash by this time next week.


Free Listing Weekend

Here in the UK is a eBay Free Listing Weekend July 30th and July 31st if you are a private eBay Seller. You can list at any starting price, and subject the usual eBay terms and conditions. For further details on this opportunity please click here to find out more.

Andrew Milburn Is An eBay Consultant Based In Lichfield Staffordshire

eBay Site Changes

eBay Site Changes


Right now across the world of eBay Sellers are coming to terms of the changes that eBay have anounced that will take place in May. First off please do not panic. Also stay off the forums and boards. Print off the changes for the countries you sell in and then make a drink and spend a few hours reading through them and making notes for your business. Not those of other people or of the big sellers, but just yours.

Do it in a calm way, please, and do not stress. Once you have worked out how the changes are going to effect your business, work out a plan how you will put these changes into place. Tackle each change one at a time.

@ Make sure you tackle the important ones first – ones that could harm your business.

@ Next tackle the ones that need looking at in the next few months

@ Then tackle the ones that are least important.

But as I said before stay away from the boards and forums of the free sites. A lot of these people get cross and angry and soon you have a lot of hurt people. You need to look at these changes in a calm way. eBay do not make changes for the fun of it, no business does. They do not wake up in morning and say hey lets hurt our sellers. No……………………….. eBay needs sellers more than they need buyers. For if there were no sellers, then people would not buy and no one would make money.

I belong to OSI Rock Stars and Janelle Elms is spending around 30 hours looking at the changes that have taken place, why have taken place, and how as sellers we should re-act to them. Janelle has been around eBay long enough and knows the business inside out to comment straight away, but no she take the time, run the figures then present her findings. This is just part of what you will find in OSI Rock Stars, that will take you and your business to the next level.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant offering eBay Training in Lichfield Staffordshire

Shopping Carts On eBay

Shopping Carts On eBay


It has now been confirmed that eBay is about to roll out it’s Shopping Cart accross the eBay platform. Dates will be released very soon so keep your eyes and ears open for this great event.

So what does it mean to have a shopping cart on eBay. A lot !!!!!! In the past if someone wanted to buy different items from different sellers then they would have had to buy each item and pay for each item from each seller. This took along time and could mean a lot of paypal transactions for the poor buyer. But that is soon to end, with the advent of the shopping cart on eBay.

How it will work will be revealed when eBay release it to the general public, but from all the reports that I have seen and heard it all looks positive, and will increase our sales. And increased sales means more money and more profit for all us sellers.

Duplicate Listings On eBay

Duplicate Listings On eBay

Do you list multiple items on eBay at Buy It Now Prices ? If you do you can no longer list them as seperate items. To show you better let me give you an example. Say you sell  Rexel Staplers and used to list 12 at a time at different price points, well as from 26th October 2010 this has got to stop. eBay will list the auctions for all but one of your items. Now if you have different colours you can have them listed in a different buy it now (fixed price),

But if you sell at auction you can still list each item seperate, it only accounts for Fixed price listings. Please do not sound shocked at this news we have has enough warning.

Free Listing Weekend For UK Private Sellers

Free Listing Weekend For UK Private Sellers

Well we are at this time of year again and eBay are offering private sellers free listings with any price start at auction on September 11th and September the 12th. There are a few rules one of the big ones you have to use the SYI so no bulk listing using Turbo lister. For further information please check out the full rules over at eBay.

These free listing days or weekends can be very profitable you just need to have a private eBay account, and follow the few rules for the listing, and just list, and list. The more you list the more you sell.

Have a fun and profitable weekend.