Real Costings

The Real Costs of a Product

How many times have you seen a product did a quick math in your head and say to yourself yep can make some profit on that I will buy a dozen. You get home list them, and they sell and then you suddenly find your profit has turned into a major loss.

What has happened, why did ebay let this happen (Or Amazon etc). Well I am here to tell you eBay, Amazon did not let it happen you did. Yes You. I know that is hard to understand that it comes down to little old you.

What happened to your profit was the fact that you did not know what your listing fees were, what the final fees were, what the PayPal fees were and the packaging and shipping fees were.

You need to know these off by heart. eBay do not hide them they are there in black and white, print them off, and have them by your computer. The same with PayPal, they do not hide them.

So now before you buy a product to sell add in all your costings and then see if you still have a profit and if you do it is almost safe to say go and buy.

Sorry for a hard hitting post , but sometimes people need to know it’s them that has got things wrong and not eBay.

Happy Selling

Andrew Milburn


Amazon Revisted

Amazon Revisted


This is just a quick update on the Amazon posts I did a little while ago. For those people who have gone ahead and done something well done, and for those who are still not yet decided there is still still plenty of time there is no rush at all.

I have done three posts on Amazon, I have listhem below or you can find them by clicking on the Amazon link to the right.

Part One           Part Two         Part Three

Now this update is for those who have listed items on Amazon and nothing as yet has happened, please do not worry. The Amazon site is like a bus or policeman……. For those who have no idea what I am on about we have a saying that goes there is never a bus or policeman around then all of a sudden you get one and then a few more turn up at the same time.

Now it is the same with Amazon, my sales have been low for sometime, this is my fault as I have not been listing, but I have around 50 items listed. I had no sales for two weeks then it went like this :

3 Sales Wednesday

2 Sales Friday

1 Sale Saturday

2 Sales today Sunday

Total Profit for the week from Amazon around £20.00. Not a lot, but these were mostly cheap paperback books, so I am quite happy, and that £20.00 is after all the postage and packing costs taken out.


Amazon Fun Part Three

OSI RockStars

Amazon Fun Part Three

Today we are going to set up the different parts of opening an Amazon Account. This is easy and staright forward. 

If You do not have an account you need to Get one by Click Here For An Amazon Account . If you do have an account you can skip to next stage.
Next  you need to go to this page Start Here .  Once at this page enter the details of the first item and follow the on screen prompts. It takes less then a minute to list an item, then just keep repeating until all of the item are listed.

During the process of listing Amazon will ask you you have a Payments account set up, if you do not just follow the screen and this will be set up, this allows for them to pay you every fortnight.

Hope This Has Helped You.

Andrew Milburn

Amazon Part Two



Andrew’s Amazon Fun

Yesterday I talked with about going around your house and collecting together all your unwanted books, CD’s and DVD’s. I guess some of you got carried away and went round other family members houses and did the same thing – (Just remember if you did and you find a gem of an item to share the profits with them)

Today’s task is not as fun sorry, but if you want to earn some money you do need to work a bit.

Today I want you to take an A4 Note pad and take the first item.

You will need to write down the following for each item.

@  The title of the item

@  Who the writer is , singer, band etc (if it is a DVD film you can miss this bit out)

@  You need to note down what the condition is either brand new, new, second hand etc. And if there is any damage note that as well.

@   Lastly you need to note down the bar code – or ISBN number. If you cannot find a number do not worry, I will talk about this next few days.

well thats your job done today. The reason why I asked you to do it this way is that  when I talk you through listing the items you will find it easier to list. Because if you had to pick each one up and find the information it does take longer.

Also this way you can if you have a laptop list anywhere in the world. Sitting in a hotel room waiting for a meeting, in a coffee shop or on the beach, in fact where ever you can get internet access you can list.

***A point to note, if you can type fast then open up your note book program and list in there then it is a copy and paste job****

See you tomorrow when we talk about getting an account.

Andrew Milburn


How To Get Started With Amazon


How To Get Started With Amazon

Today I want to start a mini series Entitled Getting Started With Amazon. Now living here in the UK, I am writing this from a UK point of view, but I believe the same process will work anywhere in the world where Amazon allow you to sell your own items.

Getting Started

Today I want you to get some boxes or some strong carrier bags and go through each room in your house, loft etc and look for any books, CD’s, DVD’s that you no longer use, want, have room for and place them in the boxes or bags.

Do not prejuudge the items as you do not know what they are worth until we start to list them on Amazon.

This should take you a few hours. Take your time and have fun.

Tomorrow will take you through the next stage.

Andrew Milburn

Another Good Source

OSI RockStars

Have you wanted to buy and source stock at rock bottom costs that could bring you in a nice little income ? I guess the answer to that questions is why yes of course.

Well have you tried your local Library? A few times a year in the UK most library have sales where they sell of the older books, dvd’s talking books, videos and Cd’s. Most of these items are in good condition – if they are not do not buy.

They are priced real cheap, so take a long some strong bags and some cash and have a few hours of fun.

You get to hear about these sales from adverts in the local papers, adverts in the library and on loacal notice boards.

Again set yourself a budget and stick to it.

Have fun sourcing

Andrew Milburn



Keywords are one of the important areas you need to learn if you are going to make a go of your eBay business. Also to be honest if you are going to have any business at all either online or offline you need to know what Keywords your customers are using to search for you or people who sell products like you.

Once you have got the hang of keywords and how they can help you increase your business then you will see a marked increase in the visits to your sites, your eBay shop.

Most people turn a pale shade when you mention Keyword research but again it is simple. The tools you need either free or very low cost. Yes it will take time to do, but the time is well spent and you will be paid back many times as you will be targeting the market you want and not going out there and just putting up words your customers would never use.
With Keyword research you need to think like a customer and not as a seller.

Now I could go on and on about keyword Research and what tools to buy and why you should. How to make your lists easy to manage.

But someone else has done this for us, they have aimed it at eBayers and other online retailers. They have put it in easy to understand terms and through the power of online video they show us how.

This person is Janelle Elms . Janelle takes you by the hand and shows you in simple steps how to do Keyword Research.

These two classes come as part of the OSI Rock Stars package. This montly membership site contains over 120 hours of audio and video content and this grows by the week with new classes and courses be added all the time.

As well as the classes you have a very active forum, and the forum grows on a regular basis with new topics  be added as and when. The great thing about the forum is that it has members from all other the world and this means if you have a question that needs answering, you can post it and often within a few hours and in some case a few minutes you can start to see people replying to your question.

The great thing about OSI RockStars is the fact that Janelle and her team of people are all doing eBay or the other online sites. They teach you from what they have learned. OSI is not some site put together by people who do not know what online selling is. It was dreamed up by Janelle who is an active eBayer seller and also takes part in eBay live and other eBay events to train people. And all her other trainers are working their eBay businesses day in and day out.

So go on pop over to OSI RockStars by Clicking here and see how they can help you take your eBay business to the next level.

What is OSI RockStars?

osi RockStars

How often have you wanted to learn something about eBay or selling online in general and most of the time have come up against a brick wall. Well I know I have then one day I came accross a site called OSI RockStars. OSI RockStars is a site run by people who are active in the area of selling and buying on eBay on a daily basis.

Janelle Elms has been around eBay for a long time know and regularly takes part in eBay live as a trainer and other eBay events. Janelle then came up with the idea and concept of running a membership site aimed at training site aimed at taking people to that next level in their eBay business either as a seller, Trading Assistant, Education Specialist or consultant.

At present Janelle has over 120 hours of webinars and podcasts teaching you on things such as how to source products, how to work a trade show, how to get key words and the list goes on and on.

Plus Janelle Elms and her team are adding new coment every single week.

As well as these classes there is also a forum where once you are a member you can go and ask and answer questions and as there are people from all areas of the world you can post a question and within minutes you could get an answer back how cool is that.

Membership is a low monthly fee and is worth it’s weight in Gold, pop along today and take a look and see how OSI RockStars can help you in your eBay business.




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