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While out shopping today, I saw a product that could have been a good money earner if I was in the market for a new niche, but if you have been following me recently you will know I have a large amount of stock that I am selling over at Linford Direct Auctions.

I passed a shop that was selling liquidated stock, they were part of a chain and were one of the last shops to stay open and were selling off all the stock from the other shops and warehouse. So yes there would have been a load of no good items, with some hot items added in there.

Well there in the front of the store was a very large pallet of Helix Maths Sets, with a retail price of £4.99 and they were selling them for only 49p each. Yes these were all in their tins and boxes and on a closer look they seem in new condition, because they still brand new.

And if you hop on over to

they are selling for a price of £4.99, some with free shipping and some with postage costs on top.

Now before you go and source these items, you need to remember these items are basically for school kids, and schools and Universities are back in session and have been for some time. So while there is a demand for this product, the peak has really passed until the next start of term.

Now if I had seen this deal in the summer, I would have spend some money. For an example I could have spend £10.00 and bought 20 items, and flipped them on eBay for £4.99 each and after fees and postage would make around £2.99, times that by the 20 items and I would have made £60.00 profit. Not a bad return, well in my book it is not. Yes I know I did not buy today, but I might when I am back in town, just for a bit of fun and report my findings here.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and take advantage when you can.

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