Are You Living A Generous Lifestyle?

Let me ask you a serious question, “Are you living a generous lifestyle?” Before Are You Living A Generous Lifestyleyou email me and say I thought this was a blog all about Amazon and eBay and online selling…………. well it still is and you will find if you apply this generous lifestyle to your business and personal life you will find you will have not only a better business but also a wonderful personal life too.

To start living a generous lifestyle is not about money. Sadly in this modern day society if you ask people are they living a generous lifestyle most will say not a chance we do not have enough cash to live on…….let alone give money away. It is not about the money, yes it is nice if you had the money to share with others, but you can live a generous lifestyle in so many different ways.

  • For example giving someone in the street a simple smile.
  • Saying thank you to the checkout person at the supermarket, it is amazing when I am in a store people do not say a simple thank you and give a smile.
  • Helping someone with their shopping to their car.
  • Cutting a neighbours lawn or doing their garden
  • Baking a cake or a meal for someone who is sick, or just come out of hospital.
  • Take a friend, colleague, neighbour out for a cup of coffee or tea (or even a meal).
  • What about just paying for someone’s drink, or meal in a restaurant, scary yes.
  • Just spending time with a friend or loved one. Yes this simple act is what living a generous lifestyle is all about.

As you can see this simple acts of living a generous lifestyle can cost nothing apart from a bit of time or a simple smile. But the difference it can make in someone’s life can make a massive difference to them.

If you do one of the above at least once a day, very soon you will have random people in the street just giving you a smile, saying thank you if you hold a door open and the list goes on.

Also you will see a difference in your business all from a simple smile – but how can you live this generous lifestyle online? Well let’s take a look.

  • Just say thank you to someone who gives you a tip or shares some information.
  • Maybe share a link t your own page on Facebook
  • Share a BOLO (Be on Look Out) product
  • Put a simple thank you note in parcels going out.

I hope this helps you to see how living a generous lifestyle can make a difference in so many peoples lives. Why not ty it tomorrow and share below the reaction you had. Just try it, and start on the exciting journey of living a generous lifestyle.

Andrew Milburn has been selling on eBay and Amazon for many years
and is now helping many others from around the world learn the
freedom of selling on Amazon and eBay can bring. Andrew is currently
working with Jim Cockrum and Skip Mcgrath as an Amazon Consultant  and eBay Consultant and offers coaching through their coaching programs. For further information please fill out the box to the left.

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