Are You An Evangelist For Your Business



A question I am often asked is how can I get more customers for my eBay / Amazon business without spending much money. We all know that to get results we do need to put some action in. And the more action we put in the greater the results will be.

Now we all know advertising works and there is that famous quote that goes something like “Advertising works, I just wish I knew which 50% works” or something like that. And this is true adverts work but they can be expensive and need to be run on a regular basis.

Now if you follow large businesses such as Microsoft, Apple Google you will hear people use the word Evangelist. The word Evangelist is often heard in Religious settings, but in fact it means good news.

And this is why companies use evangelists both paid and unpaid to spread the good news about their company and products. But how often do you talk about your business and spread the word how your business can provide products or help them with a service?

For example you are a consignment seller on eBay and Amazon, how often do you tell people what you do. Of course not in a sales way, but just in general conversation?  How often in the past week have you told people how great eBay, PayPal and Amazon are?

Once, twice, three times or more………………..or is it zero. Well starting today I challenge you to become an evangelist for your business and the online selling platforms that help grow your business. No you will not get paid for it (well your own business you will see results) but what you are doing is building yourself an ethical business and promoting the business as a whole that puts money in your pocket.

Also when you see or hear issues where people are saying negative sayings about ecommerce you can step in and give a positive slant, and when asked why you think like that you can say you work in this industry and not only work have a successful online business.

But as well as you being an evangelist for your own business and ecommerce get your customers and clients to be mini ones. You can do this by offering incentives if they recommend your services and business to family and friends.

Can you imagine a dozen fired up customers talking about you, your business and your products in a positive light . The results are powerful.

So starting today promote your business by word of mouth. Promote the niche your in, spread the good news how your products and services will make a difference, and then watch how your business grows. 

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