Are You A People Watcher?

Let me ask you a question. “Are you a people watcher”? Now I am not talking about sitting in someYoung Workers 10012491_web dark corner and spying on people, or just sitting there and staring at people. No I am talking about being a proper people watcher and seeing how people interact with others when you are out and about and also interact with you (And how you interact with others).

When ever you watch or read interviews with authors, script writers and business people they will very often tell you they get their best ideas and inspiration when they sit in places like coffee shops, restaurants or the local park. Many ideas for a Childs toy or safety gadget was thought up while someone somewhere in the world say either first hand or more often while they were were people watching and saw parents struggle with a little one. And they think hey they could manage so much better if they had this gadget or that gadget would work better if it had xyz done to it. All from being a people watcher and watching and seeing how people act when faced with something.

Also as you start to master the art of being a people watcher your thought process comes up with loads of ideas for articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, products and projects and the list goes on and on. Also a lot of the top authors will often go to a coffee shop with a pad and pen (or laptop / tablet) and just sit there and observe, listen and then put into their own words what they seen and learnt, and many blockbuster movie has been written by this simple method.

Also watching how a person interacts with you when you are out and about your daily life can teach you a lot about you as a person and help you with your marketing skills. As you start to introduce being a people watcher into your business you will find that you learn so much how people interact with the world you are selling and marketing to.

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