Are People Becoming Disconnected With Each Other?

Let me ask you a question “Are people becoming disconnected with each other? Now you brainstorming.jpgmay think this is a strange title for an Amazon, eBay centered blog, and in some ways it is, but in another way I believe it hits the nail firmly on the head. We all, and yes I do include me in this to get out and away from our computers and smartphones and meet real people and talk with them face to face. (Yes I do include Skype etc in this).

I have been thinking about this for sometime and today I saw something that made me stop and think, Is this really where we are as a human race.

Picture the scene………. I am sitting in a coffee shop in Stafford, the weather outside is damp and dark, winter is on the way, but inside the pace is buzzing. There are all ages in there teenagers, young families, right through to the older generation. The staff are young and love to chat and banter with the people they are serving. And while you wait for you hand made coffee and drink and breakfast to arrive you can play board games, people watch and talk.

Into the cafe walked I guess a Mum and little girl. I say guess Mum because well you will see. The Mum went to the counter ordered the food while the little girl sat at the table. Mum walked back and as she did she picked up a trendy art magazine that are dotted around the place, and without saying a word handed the little girl a smartphone, and for the next 35 minutes even when their drinks arrived, did not speak, make eye contact with each other and the only words were at the end when Mum (or whoever) just said hurry up finish that drink……… and they left.

While on the table beside us was two young families, they were chatting to each other and all the time including the children. They spoke to them, helped one colour in a picture they were totally connected with the children and each other.

So are we as resellers connected to our customers, or are we silently pipping at our phones sending out messages hoping people are watching, listening and buying? And the only person who can answer that question is you. So are you disconnected from your customers or are you fully connected.

Please live, share and comment below.

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