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Yesterday I talked with about going around your house and collecting together all your unwanted books, CD’s and DVD’s. I guess some of you got carried away and went round other family members houses and did the same thing – (Just remember if you did and you find a gem of an item to share the profits with them)

Today’s task is not as fun sorry, but if you want to earn some money you do need to work a bit.

Today I want you to take an A4 Note pad and take the first item.

You will need to write down the following for each item.

@  The title of the item

@  Who the writer is , singer, band etc (if it is a DVD film you can miss this bit out)

@  You need to note down what the condition is either brand new, new, second hand etc. And if there is any damage note that as well.

@   Lastly you need to note down the bar code – or ISBN number. If you cannot find a number do not worry, I will talk about this next few days.

well thats your job done today. The reason why I asked you to do it this way is that  when I talk you through listing the items you will find it easier to list. Because if you had to pick each one up and find the information it does take longer.

Also this way you can if you have a laptop list anywhere in the world. Sitting in a hotel room waiting for a meeting, in a coffee shop or on the beach, in fact where ever you can get internet access you can list.

***A point to note, if you can type fast then open up your note book program and list in there then it is a copy and paste job****

See you tomorrow when we talk about getting an account.

Andrew Milburn


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