One of the draw backs of working for yourself is the fact that when you are having a bad day there isMotivated, eBay, eBay Consultancy, Working from home, success no one to let off to. When you work in an office you can always talk to a work colleague and over lunch in the company restaurant have a small moan, and then go back feeling refreshed because you have been able to unburden what ever challenges you have encountered during the day. But if you work on your own either sitting in an office or the spare bedroom of your home, you are all alone so what can be done, to help?

Other days you just feel unmotivated to do any work, again if you worked in an office you would have people around you to jolly you up and where needed give you a slap and tell you to get on with life and there is a job that needs to be done. Again working for yourself there is not anyone around to do that.

Below are a few ideas I have found helps when you have one of the moments or just feel de-motivated.

Phone a friend – Yes it is as simple as that. Pick up your phone and call someone you can trust, who you can bounce off the challenges you to, but also a friend who if needed too can give you a kick or slap and tell you to grow up, move on you have a job to be done, and if you do not do it, there will be no food on the table. But remember time is money and the phone call needs to be kept, short and to the point.

Get Moving – Take a walk, go for a run at lunch-time or before you start your day. You will find exercise will give you more energy and you will feel refreshed.

Dress for success – Yes you may be working from home, and you have the advantage of working in your PJ’s if you wish, or jeans and a Tee-shirt. And there is nothing wrong in this at all. But if you find yourself feeling a bit like cannot be bothered, maybe you need to dress a bit smarter for a bit. Or if you have to make an important call to a client, you may find putting on a shirt and tie or smart dress help you do the deal.

Give yourself a reward – From time to time there is no harm in giving yourself a reward. It could be a day off from work, a half day, go out with loved ones, a new gadget. The reward is up to you. But remember you need to have done one of your goals to allow yourself a treat !!!