4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Jewellery

4 Tips For Buying Wholesale Jewellery



If you want to start an online jewellery business, then a site such as eBay is the best place that you can start. On eBay you can learn the ropes and also learn what sells and what does not sell. Plus you have the ready made traffic that eBay can bring to the site and this in turn can bring people to the items you are selling.

  • Tip One – You need to find a source to buy your items from, this is the same step that anyone needs to take when looking to sell items online, but when you are dealing in Jewellery there is another factor that you need to think about and that is do you sell new jewellery or do we sell second-hand / antique items. If you are going to buy new then you need to look for jewellery wholesalers – these can be found in places such as the Yellow Pages, doing a search on Google or by going to a site such as WorldWide Brands. WorldWide Brands was set up many years ago to help people source products to sell on and off line. These people check out all the suppliers and they have to meet guidelines before they are listed in the directory. Worldwide Brands is a paid for service, but it is well worth the money for what you get.. Jewellery - My Auction Empires
    If you are going to be selling second-hand and antique jewellery then you will need to visit car boot sales, garage sales, antique fairs and shows, and also run adverts in newspapers.
  • Tip Two – When you are buying jewellery you also need to be on the look out that you are not buying fake items. If you are dealing in the low end costume jewellery side of the business then this is not really a problem. The problems arise when you go into the middle to high end part of the business. You need to know the difference between real and “Fake” items. And even some of the top jewellery buyers are caught out from time to time, so as a new person you need to be careful. You need to make sure you are buying from a real business – go and visit them take a look around, ask questions and do your research.
    And if you get a phone call offering you some pieces of jewellery at silly prices and they ask you to meet them in some bar – decline the offer as chances are they could be stolen.
  • Tip Three – Get to know the terms that jewellery wholesalers and the customers you sell to use. Know the differences between gold plated and gold, if you do not know these simples terms it could cost you your business.
  • Tip Four – Start small and then build your business up, step by step, get to know what your customers (clients if you are selling high end items) want and like. And if you are wondering do people buy £10,000 diamond items online, the answer is yes, and people have spent far more than that.

Have fun, spend time visiting wholesalers and trade shows. Also you will need to keep an eye on the fashion trends and be sensible do not rush in and buy the first items you see do the research.

Andrew Milburn is an eBay Consultant based in the UK

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