30 Days Can Change Your Life

We have all heard the saying it only takes 30 days to form a habit…… either good or bad. The last 30eBay, eBay consutant, habits, 30 days to form a habit days 1 have been on a journey. A 30 day journey help me to learn about blogging and also how to Comment on other peoples blogs.

yes at times it has taken me out of my comfort Zone yes it has stretched me, yes it has made me sit down and write about subjects, beyond selling on eBay, but keeping to an eBay theme. It has taught me the importance of leaving comments on other blogs, It has helped me form a habit in my life
As we saw earlier it only takes 30 days to form a habit in our lives and the longer we carry on doing some thing the stronger the habit will become and the more natural it will be for us to do.
But it also only takes 30 days to form bad habits in our live This is something we need to be aware of in both our personal and Business lives and as soon, as we see bad habits forming we need to take action against them.

While it may seem harmless to watch that bit of daytime TV instead of  listing 5 items, you only need to do this for a few days very soon it will become a part of your life and that hour a day will very soon begin to harm your business and your income’ so please be aware,.of these negative habits and as soon as you start to discover them stamp on them and cut them off But the good news is with some hard work those bad habits Will become history

So if you are looking  to form some routine in either your business or personal life start small and each day do a blog post, list some items on eBay, go for a walk and you will find that within 30 days the thing you Were never looked forward to will be part of your life you will have formed a habit and all it took was 30 days

4 thoughts on “30 Days Can Change Your Life

  1. Andrew, you make some important points in this thoughtful post. I have participated in a few month-long blog challenges, and with daily article-posting, the most wonderful new habit evolved by itself: my brain started grabbing news items and inspirational quotes, adding stories from experience, and automatically structuring new articles. It started doing this several times per day! So I took advantage and started outlining or drafting a variety of articles every day. After all, I can use them many times in many ways. And this effect flew in by itself. You should know I have been writing for decades and was already an award-winning author when this began. Thanks for a great post.

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