3 Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Crowd


A very common question I get asked is how can we “stay ahead of the crowd ?”, or in other wordscrowd, stay ahead of the crowd, eBay, eBay consultancy, eBay training how can we always be the leader of the pack. Now this is a great way to think and if you apply some basic principals and offer top notch customer service than you are well on the way to be there. But it will take work. Yes hard work and lots of it, plus a lot of planning, but the results will be worth it.

The 1st way is to always be adding new items and products to your business. By doing this you will always be getting new people coming to look at your business or service. Plus your repeat buyers will be spreading the word about you and telling all their family and friends that you are the go to person. Plus if you market yourself with blog posts, press releases and social media, you will always be near the top of the search engines and therefore you will be the leader of the pack.

The second way I have found that works is always be thinking out side the box. Have regular brain storming sessions with yourself or friends you can trust to help you grow your business and not hold you back. For example you sell baby items you could look at ways of introducing other children’s items into the mix, or what about importing items from abroad. For sometime you will be the leader of the pack and ahead of the crowd. And if you can get sole rights to some items……well as they say the rest could be history.

The third way that I have found to stay ahead of the crowd is to be a trend setter. You need to be a setter rather than a follower. Ok I know this may be hard to do, but If you get yourself the right contacts and network in the right places than you can have these chances. And you will find companies and people coming to you asking you to market their new items, that have not yet been seen.

I hope the above 3 hints and tips have given you food for thought and help you to stay ahead of the crowd. 

3 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Crowd

  1. Good suggestions Andrew. It’s always good to be thinking outside the box and finding ways to stand out just a little from others.
    Thank you

  2. I am visiting from the UBC and love the tips you are providing for people who want to stand out in a crowd. I think that these tips can apply to anyone in any business trying to stand out. Well done.

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