20 Days To Go

Well can you believe it? Just 20 days to go until the end of another year……………….What has your year been like?……………….

Has it been one of those years that you would like to forget?

Or has it been a year that you want to celebrate the success in all areas of your life?

Or is it a year, where you have said next year, will be my year?

The above statements and many more like it will over the next few weeks be talked about and discussed, but you know what it does not really matter, for in 20 days we will be at the start of a new year. A new chapter will be started in our lives, a line has been drawn in the sand. Yes it can be exciting, scary, fun, challenging but you know what, unless we take action, this time next year we will be in the same position. Nothing will have changed.

Over the past year there have been many events…….The Olympics, The Queens Diamond Jubilee to name just a few here the world came together to celebrate and have fun. But there was another event that took place a few months ago. An event that took planning, challenges and fears had to be overcome. Yes I am talking about the guy who jumped out the balloon and travelled at the speed of sound and landed on his feet a few minutes later. Yes landed on his feet having travelled through the sound barrier.

Now “normal” people would have said this is not possible, but he had a goal and a dream that took him through the pain and fear to accomplish this goal.

YouTube Preview Image

So over the next 20 days sit down and start to map out where you want to go with your business. Set out goals and plans, for both your business life as well as your personal life, then on January 1st 2013 draw a line and start a fresh. Yes learn from past mistakes but do not dwell on them, they are history.



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